Cooperative Attorneys


While we’re developing our national online directory of cooperative attorneys, please review these resources to find an attorney for your cooperative needs:

  • Sustainable Economies Law Center’s Resilient Communities Legal Cafe: The Resilient Communities Legal Cafe is a first-come, first-serve, donation-based legal advice session. While we typically only have attorneys at the Legal Cafes who are licensed to provide legal advice for California based cooperatives, we provide legal information to folks across the country!
  • US Federation of Worker Cooperatives’ Referral Directory: This directory includes cooperative technical assistance providers and professional service providers, such as cooperative-friendly lawyers, accountants, tax preparers, interpretation services, marketing professionals, and more. These are USFWC members who we are able to vet and ensure quality referrals for the worker co-op movement. It is maintained jointly by the USFWC and the Democracy at Work Institute; additional listings are being added regularly.
  • Sustainable Economies Law Center’s California Legal and Accounting Service Providers: The Sustainable Economies Law Center made this list to give you a place to start your search for a lawyer to help with your project. But we aren’t vouching for or recommending these people! Shop around for the right fit! It is up to you to evaluate service providers prior to hiring them.
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